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Squeeze Me from Stylecraft. 100% Acrylic, 200m (219yds)/100g (3.53oz).

Introducing "Squeeze Me," the luxurious chenille yarn with its velvety softness and irresistible tactile feel. There are 20 exquisite colours to choose from, ranging from serene neutrals and soothing pastels to lively and energetic brights. With beautiful bounce and texture, this yarn just begs to be squeezed and cuddled. Ideal for crochet and knitting projects. It is a dk weight with 200m on the ball. Whether you're creating cozy blankets, snuggly garments, or plush toys, Squeeze Me will add a touch of luxury and comfort to every stitch.


Stylecraft Squeeze Me DK

Stylecraft Squeeze Me DK

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